A review from Japan

Today was released a description, and a review of PngOptimizer, along an interview of me on vector.co.jp, an online Japanese magazine. The content is in Japanese so hopefully you can read it ^^

It makes me think that I should probably think of internationalization and localization in my applications. I was using UTF-16 for a lot for text strings but I recently switched back to latin-1 for error messages in order to save some bytes, but latin-1 now feels old and UTF-8 is much more convenient and widespread now. In my framework library, the chustd, the default 8 bits encoding is latin-1 and you have to provide extra effort to use UTF-8, but I will probably swap the settings in the near future.

I have also been looking in the way GTK+ performs translations. It looks like the mechanism is actually system wide, not limited to GTK+ application. All you need to do is wrap literal strings inside a macro called _() (yes, an underscore) which maps to a gettext() function. The gettext() functions will try to find a localized version of the parameter string. I still need to go deeper into that topic but before that I will have to kill some resisting bugs in the GTK+ version of PngOptimizer :)