Plasma Fence

pfence logoPlasma Fence (or pfence for short) is a small Linux dynamic library (.so) used to detect wrong memory accesses in your program.

It uses the same kind of detection than eFence but aims to be fast enough and complete enough regarding libc function overrides in order to be used in the context of heavyweight programs.

Download Plasma Fence version 1.0 (tgz 15 kB)

Tested on Ubuntu 14.04 x64 but probably works on most Linux based systems.

License: LGPL

Usage example

A faulty program that does an out of range access in a dynamically allocated buffer:

A faulty code

Running the faulty program:

A faulty code

The program is run a first time and nothing happens. The second time, Plasma Fence is enabled and we get a legit segmentation fault.